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15€ Every Saturday walking tour - Interesting Kyiv

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near Monument to Princess Olga

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Magical excursion in one of the most beautiful European cities.

Every Saturday a walking city tour starts near  Monument to Princess Olga. And the magic begins! This 2-hours tour of Kyiv is the best opportunity to see all the most important sights of Kyiv city center. Whether it is your first time in the city and you are short of time, you will get a comprehensive overview of the city with a professional guide who knows and loves Kiev! First of all we will take a walking trip to the Golden Gate - the most ancient place of Kyiv. Then we will move to impressive St. Sophia Cathedral with its bell tower and to spectacular St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. You will go to the Old Kyiv Hill with more than 500-years oak tree on it and will see the place where Kyiv city was founded! One of the most beautiful churches of Kyiv, St. Andrew church, together with “Kyiv Montmartre” - Andrew descent will be on your way. Secret yards, street-art and sculptures, funny stories from Kiev modern life and historical events - here is what you'll take Join the tour and enjoy the diversity of Kyiv!

Гид: Любовь Пикуля

I am an English and German-speaking guide in Kyiv with 4 years of experience in Sightseeing tours.
My primary aim is to show how magnificent and unexpected Kyiv is, what stories and mysteries it hides
just behind the corner. Ready? Then just join the tour and let’s discover this tremendous city together.

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near Monument to Princess Olga

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